There was a time when the official policy in the USA was that African people were subhuman. There is a subset of Americans who still believe that.

Enter Esther Okade, a Nigerian-British girl with a marvelous brain.

Take a look at the equation that Ms. Okade is working on. That’s a quadratic equation. She started working on them when she was four. At fourteen, she is working on her doctorate in financial mathematics. She’s written a children’s book called Yummy Yummy Algebra — the first in a series of four books that she plans to publish.

She also plans to open a bank in 2020, but I suspect that will have to wait a few years. She says that a bank would be a good way to help people. Esther’s parents plan to open a primary school in rural Nigeria for at least 2000 students. Perhaps Esther can provide the funding.