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Staying Well

Health for $1 per Day

Even a dollar is too much. Good health can cost nothing. Optimal wellness can not be about expensive pills and tests. It includes fresh air, water, food, balanced exercise, and effective rest. Ideally, there is very little stress. It doesn’t sound like your life, does it? You need this book. Dr. Frazer explores hundreds of solutions for busy families that are stressed, and compounding that stress with unhealthy activities and diets. The basic idea is to stop doing the things that are making you sick. That costs nothing. The book was written for Dr. Frazer’s daughter who was, and is, a busy mom with a limited budget to care for two growing boys with their own ideas about diet and exercise. This is a reference book that a busy mom can turn to for a quick answer about many health concerns. The small price of this book will save you many dollars in health care costs.

Healthier Happier Now

A collection of 200 short, information-packed articles on wellness. The book is written for busy people who want to be healthier, to avoid health problems and doctor visits. The price of the book is much less than a doctor visit and will definitely help to avoid one. The approach is to divide health between spiritual health and physical health, then suggest what should be added to or subtracted from each side to promote wellness.

Choosing to Heal

Written for healthcare professionals, Choosing to Heal presents a historical view of several long-standing healing systems from the standpoint that each maps the patient’s presenting symptoms onto a set of available treatments according to a mapping function. The underlying cosmology of each method is considered along with the problems that arise from the differing cosmologies when combining methods. Several dimensions are considered, such as; the degree to which environmental factors are believed to impact homeostasis, the degree to which the body can be measured in a quantitative way, the degree of non-physical influence on the presenting symptoms, the granularity with which the practitioners believe it is possible to understand the body, and the effects of karma, sin, or other terms used for the spiritual impact of a patient’s previous physical action.

Ron Frazer, author, editor

Ron Frazer, Ph.D.

Ron has studied alternative healing modalities since the late 1970s and completed a Ph.D. in Natural Health from Clayton College in 2003.