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Beyond a Veil

Life During Death

This book will change the way you look at life, death, dying, and life after death experiences. As the heroine adjusts to each new situation that life throws at her, you will find that you are able to take a more light-hearted approach to your own problems.

Beyond a Veil is the story of Max and Lori Sashinian who struggle to make ends meet in a rustbelt town. She is an attorney in a law firm with few clients while he is a novelist who has never made anyone’s best seller list. Sophia, their eight-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, is abducted and murdered as the story opens, leading to a cascade of difficulties and spiritual growth. It sounds like a depressing tale, but the emphasis is on Lori’s spiritual journey. While Lori rapidly loses everything that was once important to her, with the help of her deceased daughter and grandmother who work together as her spiritual tutors, she learns to put her physical tests into perspective and discovers what is ultimately important in this life and the next. Throughout the story, her tutors teach her about the oneness of all creation while Lori develops her psychic abilities and struggles with her increasing physical disability.

Millennium 3 cover art

Millennium 3

A non-dystopian future
Women today, at the beginning of the third millennium, have much to complain about. What if, by the end of this millennium, they control governments and businesses? Their workdays are short. There is plenty of time for family, recreation and education. On the surface it sounds utopian. Well, almost …
Join three middle-aged friends in the year 2953 as they struggle with issues that will be familiar to many women. Mariha has been a devoted mother but now must rethink who she is after her children have all married and left home. Huma is a recent widow trying to redefine herself. Nadia is dissatisfied with her job. The three friends support each other as they struggle through the spiritual changes that life presents to all of us eventually.
Time Branches cover art

Time Branches

Time and Space–No Problem!

This book was great fun to write. Like almost everyone my age, I always regretted not attending Woodstock. In the book, Cailyn convinces her mother to take her during one of her travels back in time. You can attend the greatest rock concert of all time with her.

What if you were in a coma and everyone expected you to die at any moment, but you found that you are free to move in time and space? What would you do with your new freedom?

Cailyn Whittaker decides to rewrite her mother’s life, then she finds that her sister also needs a rewrite. Eventually she recreates her own, having great fun all the way. She enlists the help of an Indian swami in exploring some of life’s great questions and using the answers to help everyone around her.

The Carib's Smile

What? No Starbucks?

The Carib’s Smile is the first novel in the Jacinta Joseph Caribbean Adventures trilogy. Jacinta “JJ” Joseph is a tough New Jersey homicide detective, a female Jean-Claude Van Damme, who retires to her native St. Theresa, expecting something of a vacation–sipping fruity drinks with little paper umbrellas–that sort of thing. Instead she gets involved in solving four murders with the help of Oni, a Carib Indian grandmother. Together they take on the menacing forces that rule the island.

This is a story of romance, mystery and comedy. You’ll enjoy JJ’s struggle to adjust to island life after so many years in the US. From the frenetic pace of New Jersey with a Starbucks on every corner, to a village life of cocoa tea, dogs sleeping undisturbed on the main street, and monkeys who fling feces, JJ slowly comes to terms with her new life, with her true self, finding love and a sense of family in the process.

The Judge's Wife cover art

The Judge's Wife

You don’t want to make her mad!

The Judge’s Wife is the second novel in the Jacinta Joseph Caribbean Adventures trilogy. JJ continues to fight the families that rule the island, this time with the additional help of a judge’s wife who is more than a little pissed at her husband and his friends. It’s a story of love and vengeance that explores the relationships between all the women in JJ’s circle. Join JJ, the judge’s wife and seven other grandmothers as they decide to overthrow the government. How would nine grannies overthrow a government, you ask? In that sweet, gentle way that the best grandmothers do everything. The criminal elements on the island, and their cronies in the government, do their best to stop them, but they find that fighting grandmothers is harder than one might think.

The Wife's Turn cover art

The Wife's Turn

Now the wives are in charge!

The Caribbean island of St. Theresa has a new government that is mostly women; a new, woman-owned, newspaper and radio station; and a population that is demanding changes. Our detective, JJ, has a new job, a new boyfriend, and assassins who want to kill her and her family.

Now that the former patriarchs have all been arrested and sent to a prison in the UK, JJ, assisted by Joe, her immense boyfriend, battles the remaining forces of the crime families while her friend Cecily and the other grandmothers go about reinvigorating an economy left in shambles after decades of corruption.

This is the final novel in a trilogy that explores the role of women in society and the relationships between women at different stages of their lives. Enjoy all three novels, The Carib’s Smile, The Judge’s Wife, and The Wife’s Turn.

A Handful of Seawater cover art

A Handful of Seawater

Sex, Drugs and Reggae

You’ll enjoy this novel about Morgan, a junk-yard dog of a boy, who starts life as the poorest of the poor on a tropical island. Read the touching story of an orphan’s triumph under the Zen-like guidance of a simple fisherman who mentors him. It’s a story of sex, drugs and Reggae but from the perspective of a young man’s search for love, family and fulfillment.

Ron Frazer spent four wonderful years on Grenada after the American Intervention in the fall of 1983. During the first year he taught math and science at a secondary school in the poorest part of the island. This story emerged from the lives of his students. Readers have enjoyed the portrayal of a culture that is quite different from that of the US.

Ron Frazer, author

Ron Frazer’s novels are written for women who have lived long enough to have a few regrets, He has studied religion and psychology for the last forty years, so his books have an intimate, spiritual element that is always positive, often involving women taking control of their lives, even entire countries. Every book celebrates women as a positive force in their culture. Ron has traveled widely in 29 countries, lived in four of them and in several US states. He doesn’t consider himself an expert on women, but, having been married three times with three adult daughters, probably has learned more about their issues than have most men. He has been an engineer, a yoga teacher, a financial planner, a photographer, and a computer security researcher. Along the way, he accumulated four college degrees, but could never figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. Maybe this is it.

Ron Frazer, author, editor
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