My friend, Kym McBride, pointed out that my blog shouldn’t be about my books, it should be about my audience. “Your books are about empowering women—women who are your audience; write your blog about the women who read your books.”

So, here I am, redirected. This blog will be about the women around the world who are empowering themselves, about the men who are applauding them, and perhaps about the men who are attempting to keep them dis-empowered.

Imagine a girl growing to adulthood and never experiencing any form of sexism, never hearing that she was “just a girl,” never having her ideas discounted, never expecting to earn less than male colleagues. Imagine this girl expecting that women would play an equal role in her government and the corporations where she would be employed. If you can imagine this girl, then you are on the right side of history. Like slavery and the idea that the Earth is flat, the ignorance of misogyny is dying. The planet’s consciousness is evolving. We are becoming a human race that celebrates diversity and welcomes new ideas from people who are not identical to ourselves. As we evolve, we will leave behind our misogynist, xenophobic, belligerent past.

Let’s ensure that the idea that women are in any way inferior dies with the current generation of misogynists.

Let’s work together so that the little girls in your life express all their gifts.

Thanks for reading,